Creativity. Adaptability. Communication. Relationship Building.

These aren’t the only leadership qualities that define me but are ones that I apply to my daily life.

The Team Leader I Was Before

The person I was before taking this class was someone who was afraid to lead. I did not know how to delegate. My goals were completely different and I encompassed more of a vision for how I wanted to be rather than putting forth the needed steps to achieve these goals.

While I was someone who was already self-aware I lacked confidence and the ability to motivate others.

I did not know how to make informed decisions and solve problems with a team effectively.

The Leader I Am Now

My goals today have allowed me to recognize that I am someone who is great at goal setting, communicating, problem solving, time management and relationship building. I know how to make self-improvements and recognize now more than ever the importance of team collaboration. I know how important it is for a team to have clear goals as this will help with a teams structure. Having a team establish ground rules helps teams to be more committed and allows for more understanding. In addition, it is vital for teams to establish an action plan and team assessment so that the team can continue to monitor the progress of the team.

Inspiring trust and helping to develop others to me is vital in being a team leader and is one of the characteristics that separates me from others. I want to help lead change by developing people around me to be better versions of themselves.

I now am someone who is more willing to accept feedback and uses the feedback from others to create a framework for improvement. Getting feedback and receiving feedback are crucial in helping team mates know their purpose and to allow for growth and development within a team.